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Our Clients

Meet Those We’ve Represented

Graffam & Biaggi law offices has been fortunate to represent some of the largest names in San Juan, Puerto Rico and nationwide. Below are some of our most important clients. Read on to see the work being done by us here at Graffam & Biaggi law offices. Call us today.

Car Lot
  • Bella Group (Acura, Ford, Honda, Mazda & Volkswagen)

  • Dominguez Auto Sales, Inc.

  • Flagship Chrysler 

  • Flagship Ford

  • Flagship Mazda

  • Flagship Volkswagen

  • Ford Motor Company 

  • Hyundai Motor Corporation 

  • Kia Corporation, previously Kia Motor Corporation (KIA)

  • Mazda Motor Corporation

  • Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Caribbean, Inc.

  • Murgado Automotive Group, Inc.

  • Toyota de Puerto Rico, Inc.

  • Toyota Motor Corporation

Image by Rinson Chory
  • American President Lines

  • Continental Grain

  • Continental Shipping, Inc.

  • Crowley Towing and Transportation

  • Horizon Lines

  • McAllister Brothers

  • Pollution Control Industries

  • Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

  • Seafarer's International Union

  • Transcaribbean Maritime Corp.

  • UK P&I Club

  • Water Quality Insurance Syndicate

gas cylinders.jpg
  • Casa Suárez

  • Cabo Rojo Gas

  • City Gas

  • Robert Gas

  • Rivera Gas

  • S.J.G. Acquisition Corp. d/b/a San Juan Gas

Image by Ulises Baga
  • Andromedical

  • Axis of Puerto Rico

  • Bumble Bee International

  • Channing Enterprises

  • Cond. Casillas de Palmas

  • Cond. El Bosque de la Villa de Torrimar

  • Cond. Las Palmas Doradas

  • Cond. Stella Maris

  • Cond. The Woods

  • Dantzler, Inc.

  • Econo Tools, Inc.

  • FirstBank of Puerto Rico, Inc.

  • J.D. Honigberg International, Inc.

  • Melvin Ramos Insurance

  • Moylan Insurance Underwriters

  • Peter's Janitors

  • Prime Solution Group, LLC

  • Shannan's Irish Pub Corp. ☘️

  • Victory Management Solutions, Inc.

  • Wyndham International, Inc.

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